Best Motorcycle Rides in Canada & USA

Sturgis TV Show

In Season 2 Episode 5 we ride our motorcycles to the 73rd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally from Calgary Alberta. Just over 2000km we ride all the way in 2 1/2 days, arriving in Sturgis South Dakota with 1000s and 1000s of other riders. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the biggest motorcycle rally in North America, over 500,000 riders come and go all week.

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Alberta TV Show

In Season 2 Episode 6, our final show of the season we are Riding in Alberta on Motorcycles, showcasing the 10 Great Alberta Burgers, 10 Great Alberta Rides Map. We attend the Calgary Motorcycle Show and try out a few new bikes, all shapes and sizes.

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Mexico TV Show

Season 2 Episode 1 “Riding down to Mexico”  Episode 2 “Riding Around the Baja & back up” Who has not wondered what it would be like to cross the border at Tijuana on your motorcycle? Where do you get fuel, where to do you stay and is it actually safe to ride the 1100 miles down the Mexico Federal Highway #1? February 2, 2014 our 1st show aired giving you all kinds of great tips to ride safely in Mexico. Check out all our other Mexico Videos on our YouTube Channel

Alaska TV Show

We had a lot of fun riding for 22 days from Alberta, to British Columbia, through the Yukon and reaching our end destination of Alaska. Season 2 Episode 3 we ride for 7 days to Alaska with many stopping points, seeing a lot of animals and not sleeping much with all the daylight. Season 2 Episode 4 we continue riding around Alaska, making our way to the Homer Spit, feast on Alaskan King Crab, still having great weather we make our way back through the Yukon, into British Columbia and sadly into our home Province of Alberta.

Season 2 Episode 5:
Riding to 73rd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The reason we like riding to 73rd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is, it has the best concerts, the craziest people, coolest bikes, contests, burn out pits and several celebrities have been known to show up too! We love going to Sturgis for the riding, the concerts but mostly for the people, you will see anything and everything here! We show lots of fun crazy stuff but you have to ride to Sturgis yourself to experience the WHOLE non-family show!

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Fresh from the press
Glacier Motorcycle 600

Top 3 Rides in Alberta… Want to know why they are?

Want to know the best voted motorcycle rides in Alberta? We asked several Albertans and they told us what rides they love to do, for day and weekend trips. Find out where others are riding, and why they say it is their favorite.

Rural Roads Canada Feature

The Roads in Canada are Pretty Damn Good. Riding them is proof!

If you have never been to Canada to ride your motorcycle or just haven't traveled to the other side of Canada, you will want to know what the roads are like. From the Trans-Canada Highway, to the secondary paved roads to the off the beaten gravel road, an overview of what you will need to know.

Canada USA Border feature

10 Tips for Hassle Free Border Crossing into Canada

Follow these 10 Tips for Hassle Free Border Crossing into Canada on your Motorcycle, you will have a greater chance for a quick and painless entry. Canadian Custom Agents are generally friendly and accommodating as long you are straightforward with them, keep in mind, they are human just like you and I.


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calgary ride for dad

Motorcycle Ride for Dad

We Support Motorcycle Ride for Dad; Prostate Cancer Research and Awareness. Watch our episode of Ride for Dad, June 2012

Vance & Hines Performance Exhaust Systems

Vance & Hines Performance Exhaust

We hear them on our motorcycles, You should here them on yours.

too cool motorcycle school calgary

Too Cool Motorcycle School Calgary

Very Cool Guys to learn motorcycle safety and instructions from. So good we trust them teaching our kids.

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