We were so excited to share with you, what we seen while riding Beartooth Pass, we did a quick post and video! I rode it last year in a snow storm and Troy had never rode it before, so it was a complete surprise to see all the beauty, words, pictures or video do not do it justice. You have to do this!

A little information on Beartooth:
The Beartooth Highway is the section of U.S. Highway 212 between Red Lodge and Cooke City in Montana. It traces a series of steep zigzags and switchbacks, along the Montana-Wyoming border to the 10,947 ft (3,337 m) high Beartooth Pass, It has been called “the most beautiful drive in America,” by late CBS correspondent Charles Kuralt.
Motorcycle Tour 2011Motorcycle Tour 2011

  • Laura O’Connor

    Awesome job on the video guys! I have now made this a must see place for me to ride next! looks amazing! Thanx so much for sharing! ride safe!

  • Dean Nardi

    Great effort. Just wanted to let you know that a mate and I did a similar run from Seattle to Dallas, over a month and traversed beartooth. Some of the most beautiful country ever. Magic

  • Dean Nardi

    Would love to ride Seattle to anchorage and return. Have a month in June/July.
    Any advice would be great.

    Live in Fremantle, West Australia.

    Dean Nardi