As most motorcycle riders do, we sit around talking about where we want to ride next, and with the right group of riders a trip is planned. This is how our next trip began, some friends, some beer and a bucket list of places we wanted to ride. It started out with 4 riders, then 6 then 8 then before we knew it we have a group riding down the Baja peninsula Mexico. Otherwise known as Baja California and Baja California Sur.

It seems a daunting ride as we first have to cross the border south of San Diego into Tijuana. One of the busiest border crossings in the world. After crossing the border and circling the town on the toll road we will soon find ourselves riding on The Mexican Federal Highway 1 which was finished in 1973. The highway runs parallel to the coast, criss crosses the peninsula, over mountains, through deserts and ends approximately 1100miles later; at our destination Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo 2012 (353)

Cabo 2012 (94)

As their is still snow on the ground in our home province of Alberta, we will be trailering our bikes to the warm state of Nevada and the infamous city of Las Vegas.
Troy and Jeff will pilot and co-pilot the truck and trailer down the 2 day 24hr drive, while the other riders will fly down or drive down. We will converge at our favorite hotel, Rumors, after a night of coffee and doughnuts in Vegas (more like wine and beer) we get ready to make our way through some great riding on our way to San Diego and the Mexican border..LET THE FUN BEGIN.

 Cabo 2012 (299) Cabo 2012 (53)

Meet the Riders

Who is going you ask…Well lets meet these crazy motorcycle riders who are an adventurous bunch, and even more so, the riders who can take the time off their day job to ride this beautiful ride. There is a few family members here as well..sure you can tell who is related. We think it is important for you to meet the group ahead of time… they are a big part of our trip and they have all given us permission for us to talk about them, post pictures of them and well we will do our best to keep it clean!!!

Angela” Corona Queen” Murray; riding her Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe

Ang & her SoftTail

Troy”  The Margarita Man” Carlson; riding his Harley Davidson Street Glide

Fred ” Buddy” Murray; riding his Victory King Pin
Dawn “Ginny with a Twist” Murray; Fred’s wife and riding on the King…Pin

Jeff “King Kokanee” Crooks; riding his Harley Davidson CVO Ultra (camera man #2)

John ” Captain” Whittington; riding his Victory Cross Country

Clint ” Jagerbomb” Murray; riding his Victory Cross Country (camera man#1)


Terry ” Barley” Daniels; riding his Harley Davidson CVO Screaming Eagle Ultra
Janice ” Barleys Babe; Terry’s wife riding with Terry on the Ultra

Terry Janice Ride

For those who do not follow us on Facebook or Twitter, please do as we will be updating on a regular daily basis of our motorcycle ride down the Baja, join in the conversation and let’s hear from you if you have rode this before, or move this beautiful scenic ride to the top of your bucket list. We look forward to riding, sharing the ride and meeting a lot of amazing people!

Logistics for our ride into Mexico

The whole trip has a lot of logistics to work out, even though in the beginning when we all thought, hey let’s ride down the Baja and back, no big deal! The task of finding us a cool place to stay when we got to Cabo San Lucas, was done by Jeff & Wendy, A cool place indeed: A Penthouse suite at the Plaza Nautica, right in the heart of Cabo San Lucas Party Zone!

Troy and I along with my parents went to Cabo San Lucas just after Christmas to do a little research and find out some hands on details about riding down the Baja. (tough job but someone had to do it)
While we were in Cabo, we met up with numerous people who have rode the Baja, talked over many details with them. Dave, owner of HD Los Cabo  has rode up and down the Baja several times, had lots of great advise, pointers and must do & see points of interest.
We did the tourist thing while we were there after Christmas, found a few great local places to eat, drink and relax, made some friends with the locals saying we will be back in 3 months.

Update: After completing this ride, we put together a Motorcycle Trip To Cabo information page with all sorts of details.

Clean Cheap Motels

Time is ticking on, so time to book hotel rooms from Las Vegas, to San Diego, all the way down the Baja peninsula and back. Troy is a true english speaking Canadian, his 2 Spanish words “Hola” and “Gracias” didn’t get him too far while speaking on the phone with local Mexican hotel night staff. What we did learn is,no matter how loud and slow he spoke, our English did not translate into Spanish! Dave Comartin, owner of Harley-Davidson Los Cabos advised us to take four days to ride down, this will leave us enough time to see the sights and have a nice relaxing motorcycle ride through the Baja. We had some advice from Dave and others on where to stay and after much trial and error we figured out how to phone Mexico from Canada, only to find out some of the motels don’t have”teléfono”, we suppose Internet is out of the question at these locations as well..LOL.

We did manage to secure clean, cheap motels along our motorcycle route for the three nights.

The first night we stay at the motel in El Rosario and named Baja Cactus. (Currently this site is under construction)

The second night takes us to San Ignacio and the Rice and Beans hotel (yes that is the real name).

The third and last night takes up to the popular town of Loreto where we will rest or heads at the Desert Inn.

We are not sure what the hotels look like, but we do know there is a free Mexican breakfast with each room. The rates were from $40-$75 a night… perfect!

In San Ignacio

In San Ignacio

Mexican Insurance is a must

Your Canadian insurance, whether it is travel, motorcycle, life, or general insurance is INVALID in Mexico! For you and your motorcycle to be properly and safely insured you MUST get Mexican Insurance, Troy found Adventure Mexican Insurance and called up Chris to see what the deal is.
Chris and his brother Jeff went over and above the call of duty, giving us information, details and their address as we will stop there on our way down to interview them. We decided to get our insurance in online through them.adventure logo

Starting to Pack for our Beautiful Scenic Ride down the Baja

From the day we leave Calgary to the day we return to Calgary, it could be close to 3.5 weeks, what to pack? Well here’s hoping we have HOT weather and long johns (long underwear) is NOT required, can leave the hair and makeup supplies at home that’s for sure! Considering on our 2011 Tour, we were gone for 7 weeks, Troy had 2 T-Bags and I had 1 T-bag and 2 barrel bags, this should be a lighter load. But wait we have more video equipment than 2 years ago, so we may end up still taking the same amount of luggage, and who knows what we may find while in Mexico!
As this is posted we have 13 days until we leave, a million things to do before we go!
We will do our best to upload posts/blogs of our trip, we will be updating Facebook and Twitter more regular, so if you are not following us now best to scoot on over to FB, request friendship and over Twitter to follow us @ridestopngo.

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  • Dale

    Don’t miss a gas station as you are going down the Baja. Don’t venture out on your own and have a great great time. You are going to beautiful country. Make sure that when you go to San Jose, please go to my friend Alfredo’s little restaurant called TEO’S. It is on the main street Boulivard Majharis. Tell him that you are related to or friends with Chuck and Dale. He has the BEST cooking anywhere.

    Have a great trip.

    • admin

      Dale, thanks for the info..we were in San Jose just after christmas..Our first time..loved it..Will try and make it to TEO’s..we are so looking forward to the ride..cheers from Troy and Angela

  • Judi and Grant McConchie

    Hi boys & girls, Youall look great on the screen. We are the young (at heart) couple you met at the Baja Cactus and Mama Espinosa’s a few days ago. We went north and hope you continued south safely. Beans and Rice should be in your rearview mirrors now and you are in Loreto a beautiful town. We send you our best wishes for a great ride and a safe trip home. Grant & Judi

  • Chris Toogood

    duh… I just read it more carefully and found the info you left me…. great trip!!
    Cheers, Chris

    • Hey Chris, Thanks for reading about our Cabo trip. We would enjoy giving you some pointers and tips if you wish. We did meet up with one guy who rode it himself, stopped in Mulege and 4 months later he was still there!! It is beautiful there! email us if you have any questions Cheers T&A

  • Phil Oakley

    Am looking for a group riding the Baja highway in 2014. My wife and I are looking to hook up with a group in May or June. If anyone knows of a group I would appreciate a heads up.

    Thanks, Phil

    • Hey Phil! That is awesome you guys are riding down there! We can help you with any details and as of right now we do not know any group going either. Email us for more info, as there are some key things you must see and stay!! Cheers T&A

      • Phil Oakley

        Angela, Thanks! I’ll be following your travels. Good Luck and enjoy. Phil

      • Phil Oakley

        Somehow I missed you have already done the trip.

        Is it safe? What are your favorite destinations? How was the highway? How are the police?

        Thanks, Phil

  • Andrew Kadziola

    Anybody going to ride to Los Cabos and back to say San Diego over the Xmas break (Dec 21 – Jan 5 ) ?? I would prefer to ride as a group than by myself.

    • Hey Andrew, thanks for your question, as of right now we are not aware of anyone riding down the Baja at the time. We have had other inquiries to ride down in the spring. We did meet a fella from Saskatchewan who rode down himself, stopped in Mulege for a night and 3 months later he was still there, loving life! If you are still planning on going down yourself, send us an email and we can help you with some of the details. Cheers T&A