Troy’s Tip #3 Ride Stop N Go

Troy's motorcycle video tip today is about fueling up your bike and a simple habit to get into that keeps you from driving away without your fuel cap.

Angela’s Advice #3 Ride Stop N Go

Angela takes her new 2010 Harley Softail Deluxe out for her first ride, she also gives Advice on building a great relationship with your Motorcycle Dealership for a long term.

Angela’s Advice #2 Ride Stop N Go

What to always have packed on your motorcycle when riding short or long rides. Weather can change fast, it is best to be prepared for all types of motorcycle rides.

Rode to Parliament Hill then onto Eastern Township of Quebec

Part of our bucket list was to have our picture taken with our motorcycles in front of Parliamont Hill and 24 Sussex Drive, so we disobeyed all signs and took our pictures. Riding into Quebec through the Eastern Townships and then into Vermont, with a slight delay 15 miles from the border is when a deer jumped out in front of Troy.