Every massage is different from one another. Mostly people getting a massage because they want them to feel stress-free and relaxed. 

The post natal massage is a kind of massage in which the whole body is massaged and this massage is given to the mothers after giving birth to babies. The local norm in our societies are very old and they are passing from generations to generations. Like after giving birth to babies the mother should get postnatal massage for straight 40 days. These massages are given by females who are trained in this specific field these females are known as maalishwali or japa maids. They mostly fixa time for massage for 40 days or some of them are living maids so they fix the time accordingly. These maalish walis and maids are trained in taking care of a baby too. 

After giving birth to babies the new mothers feel very disturbed and irritated so by the help of this postnatal massage from velashape Dubai offers. These mothers feel relax and stress free. This massage plays an important role for the women to feel less emotional and less disturbed. This relaxing massage makes the women more positive and proactive after straight 40 days. In this scenario the local individuals set someone up with the new mother apart from maalish wali means someone trustful lives with the new mother. Sometimes it’s the mother of the new mother or sometimes it’s the grandmother. These trusted car givers are trained and experienced in giving birth to babies and they know how to handle a new mother. What to feed the new mother and how to make her calm in every situation. 

This postnatal massage eases the spots of the mother like this massage relaxes the muscles. The pain on the lower back and hips fade away after this postnatal massage. This massage increases the blood circulation and give more generates oxygen to the muscles. This massage helps in the recovery of the new mother. After doing this massage for many days the swelling will reduce immensely. These massages release endorphins in the body of newly mother which makes her calm and relaxed. The sleeping routine is also improved after this massage. The body of the mother after birth is mostly in depression and tension which is why the process of postnatal massage is really important because this 40-day session will improve her totally for the upcoming life.