A nursery school is a place where a child learns the fundamental of education. Therefore, it is very necessary that a nursery school be should a good one.

In this article, we have discusses some of the top most characteristics of the best nursery schools.

What are the characteristics of the best nursery schools?

Following are the characteristics of the best nursery schools.


The best nursery in JBR Dubai Marina is the one that teaches its children the discipline and the importance of discipline. When a child has good manners, it reflects the child is studying in a good nursery school. The teachers of the nursery schools teach their children good manners and discipline so wherever they go they behave properly and doesn’t promote their school badly. This is the first and the foremost characteristic that the best nursery school should have.

Good Atmosphere

A best nursery school is the one that has good atmosphere for its children. The atmosphere should be such that the children learn in a fun atmosphere. The nursery school should be clean and safe. All the staff members as well as the children should be well behaved and respectful. The nursery school encourage their children to learn in a good way.

Nurturing Staff

A nurturing staff is very important in a nursery school. The teachers of the nursery school should not be strict rather they should be friendly so the children doesn’t get scared from the teachers. The staff should be nurturing so whenever any child has any problem, the staff is there to solve the problem. The staff should be also be helpful and take care of the children always. A best nursery school is the one that has a nurturing staff and they makes their children practice care and love.

Conducive Learning Environment

A nursery in JLT Dubai should have a conducive learning environment so that children can participate in different activities and can learn new skills.

Games and Sports

Games and sports are very important in order to keep a child physically as well as mentally fit and active. For nursery children, there should be games and sports according to their age groups so along with their education they learn different games and sports.

After reading the characteristics, make sure to find a nursery school for your child that has all these above mentioned characteristics.