The education that takes place over the internet also referred to as e-learning. This type of learning does not take place in a traditional classroom. With a daily and relatively rapid advancement in the technology and science, anything can be done while staying in the comfort of your own bedroom. With such advancements, online learning and studying has become very easy.

Students can make their own schedules and fit them around with their other responsibilities and commitments. They don’t have to travel anywhere to study; they can simply log in to their computer and attend their lectures in the comfort of their homes or office. Many courses are available online, from the courses of primary class to the knowledge required for a PhD student. Along with courses and lectures, one can also consult to teachers and professors regarding a particular subject or topic which one might find hard to understand from mere text, for example consulting a biology teacher online to understand the structure of a plant or animal cell which the kid may find hard to understand on his own. Apart from these small courses, more than 6 million students are currently in online courses as part of their higher education program. When taking an online degree program, you might encounter resources like eBooks, journals, videos, recorded lectures, quizzes, live Q/A sessions, interviews and much more.

How Convenient Is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring is a lot more flexible and convenient than traditional tutoring. There is no need to commute and it can be done from virtually anywhere as long as your child has access to the internet. Time and location does not become a barrier as long as you have your required device and an internet connection. Many tutors are available online for example; chemistry tutor Abu Dhabi, biology tutor, mathematics tutor etc. Taking classes at your own home makes it the most effective and cheap way of grabbing knowledge. You can save your money and your time. Although online tutoring has its pros, it also has several cons. For little children who learn mostly by imitating their elders, traditional learning is preferred. It’s different from traditional teaching where teacher is not present in the class. Common distractors may include mobile phones, access to internet, siblings or other people in the house. Procrastination with assignments can become a problem too if your children lacks motivation to study or haven’t established healthy study habits.

None of the options are absolutely perfect and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Therefor it is vital to assess your child’s needs and preferences. It can also be beneficial to try both online and traditional tutoring so that your child can experience both and make an informed choice based on what works best for them.