It is illegal in many countries to have black tinted mirrors. This rule is to make sure that you stay accountable and see when you are driving and on-road. Many people run away from accident sites under the guise of the black tinted mirror and having such a mirror in your car windows can get you a quick trip to the jail. Life on the road is precious and priceless. Ever since people started using automobiles in their daily lives, the roads did not remain the same as before. The meaning of road safety changed when roads were populated with heavy metallic machines running at the speed of several miles per hours. Jaywalking or strolling casually on the road becomes a criminal offence and the traffic wardens and traffic lights become the difference between life and death.

How to drive safely?

When you were in driving school, many people emphasize the importance of never taking it lightly. You can hurt others in a non-repairable manner from a road accident. Road safety is not a joke or funny, and it is great to keep going back to the basics to revise the road safety rules that have a significant effect on the lives of everyone:

  1. Never drive while texting or calling on the phone.
  2. Keep both your hands on the driving wheel at all times.
  3. Practice the ABC of driving everyday meaning Accelerate, Brake and Clutch.
  4. Get your engine checked by an expert mechanic every other month.
  5. Check your wheels for air and compression pressure frequently.
  6. Keep essential car tools in the back of your car.
  7. Use 3m tint in your windows for maximum security.
  8. Use indicator at every turn to show others that you are changing lanes.
  9. Drive in the car lane and don’t breach the speed limits.
  10. Use high-octane petroleum to avoid residue buildup in your car engine.

Every year many innocent people die in a car accident, and several thousand become paralyzed for life. When you are driving, not only the life of people walking on the road is in danger, but you are also at risk. Many happy lives can turn into a nightmare in a matter of seconds when involved in a road accident. It will help if you read this article to renew your knowledge of the road safety and make sure that you and everyone else stats safe on the roads.