Canada has become a pile of sugar where people are going there like ants and flies. People are now ignoring all sorts of powerful countries and preferring Canada. There are some countries that have very much high currency rate but still they prefer being in Canada.

There are many Canada student visa consultants in Dubai who says that get hundreds and thousands of applications in a day and even the local’s kids want to get away from their own country and move to Canada.

You can say that the rest of the immigration consultants in Dubai are also preferring Canada routes because the number of applications are increasing day by day. Why do you think that people are preferring Canada so much?

We also got curious and that is why we thought why not search a bit and we asked some overseas students in Canada and they have told us the benefits of living in Canada. If you are about to move to Canada and you have heard people say bad things about Canada, then we suggest that you keep reading below because here, we have mentioned the benefits of living in Canada;

Best Place for Nature Lovers: If you are a person who loves nature and you feels themselves close to nature then Canada is the country for you and that is because it is utterly beautiful. Canada somewhat part of GDP depends upon tourism as well. and that is because they get millions of tourists each year because the places in Canada are scenic and unreal.

Quality of Life: Canada was said to be the most livable place from 2017 to 2020. You use Facebook, right? And you see countries with tons of issues but have to ever seen a massive issue from Canada? We have not and we are sure that we seldom see that there is a problem in Canada. Canadians are very peaceful citizens.

Big Properties to Buy: you can buy as much big property as you want. There are some restrictions in some countries that they cannot buy huge properties due to different laws and terms but in Canada, you can even buy and built spacious houses.

Many Jobs: Canada has become a very popular country to work in and they have good wages as well.