Paint by Number is a relaxing artistic hobby that allows you to create a beautiful painting without attending years of art classes and too much talent. Art lovers who are interested in painting, PNB is the best option for practicing art in Dubai. Let’s read a few great tips that will help you produce attractive paintings via PNB.

  1. Choose the Right Kit: 

A huge range of PBN kits are available wherein some are more difficult than others. If you are an experienced painter, looking for a real challenge, go for that complex landscape with lots of detail or even an Oil PBN kit. Conversely, if you are looking for PNB kits available as painting for beginners to produce a nice-looking result, stick to the standard acrylic kits. These are cheaper kits available in lots of simple designs including still-life, colorful fantasy paintings, and various animal portraits.

  • Have the Right Supplies: 

Good PBN kits contain almost everything which is required to complete your masterpiece making it an easy and affordable artistic hobby. However, you would need a few extra items that are probably there in your house i.e. a palette (or a smooth plastic plate), a clear cup for washing your brush between colors, and a rag for gently wiping your brush after you wash it.

  • Take your Time: 

A single PBN kit provides many hours of relaxation and entertainment. Put on your favorite low-pitched music, make yourself a hot drink, and sit down in a calm place to begin painting, color by color. It is very satisfying to watch your picture take shape over the hours and then to a week or more.

  • Stay Inside Lines: 

Your kindergarten teacher was right about coloring within the lines – it definitely results in elegance. With the more detailed PNB designs, you might require a special fine artist brush as it’s quite hard.

  • Get Creative with the Colors:

It isn’t necessary to stick exactly to the colors listed on the numbering sheet. Your picture may just look better if you add a bit of white or yellow to the color listed. You may enjoy experimenting with the colors, and keep getting more experience with PBN.

The most important thing is to relax and let your creativity flow through your hands.