There are all sorts of cars, the cars for sports and the car for luxury and there are normal cars but there is a car that is for the royals and legends only and even it has a royal sound in its name as well and that is the rolls Royce car.

You have always thought about it and whenever we were small and we used to play the housing games, we always made sure that the president always came in a rolls Royce. There are even small toy cars that are of rolls Royce and you will be shocked to know that such collection is hard to find.

If you are about to buy a rolls Royce and you want to know more interesting information about it to boast it in front of your friends and circle then you should read about the post below because these are the facts that are brought to us by Rolls Royce specialist;

  1. Buying one rolls Royce seems like that one has found a pot of gold and there is a person in India who is very famous and he has the largest collection of rolls Royce in the world. His name is Bhagwan Rajneesh and you will be shocked to know that he has 93 rolls Royce. He is a spiritual healer and people from around the world gift him this car. You must be wondering that why they only gift this car and the fact is that they have once seen him in a rolls Royce car of his own and after that people never stopped giving him this car.
  2. A rolls Royce is amazing and legendary because it is made with love and car and that is why the Phantom series of theirs was said to be the most expensive and it took two months to make it and that is also why you will shocked to know that it has 200 pieces, 300 alloy parts and requires 75 square meters of space to work and it is offered in 44,000 colors.
  3. You will be shocked to know that the most expensive rolls Royce is 13 million dollars and it is called the Sweptail and it took the company more than five years to complete it and the it was purchased by a client in 2013.

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